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Bilingual Primary School of Expeditionary Learning

Kraków, ul. Malborska 35

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At Compass we strive to create a learning environment that promotes empathy and responsibility, in which children and adults possess high self-awareness and acceptance of others and willingly take up challenges to create a better world. Together.

Did you know that

At Bilingual School in Kraków – Compass school, we use research-based innovative teaching methods and pedagogical approaches recognised around the world. Our educational program is created in close collaboration with leading experts in the field of education, including professors of the Jagiellonian University, coaches of Harvard Project Zero Online courses, graduates of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and members of the Expedition Inside Culture Association.



Compass is a bilingual primary school inspired by the educational philosophy of expeditionary learning (EL Education). For our curriculum, we have chosen the best available, proven methods and approaches to learning and teaching

We believe that strong relationships and a sense of community lay the foundation for meaningful learning and work, which is why education at Compass is based on a culture in which every member is important and co-creates school life and learning experiences.

We know that academic knowledge is only a part of the competencies that children need in order to develop harmoniously and achieve success in the future. Our approach to education equally supports the personal, social-emotional, and intellectual development of our students.



  • Polish-English bilingual education
  • “Learning expeditions” – authentic real-life projects (inside or outside the school)
  • Emphasis on thinking skills and dispositions through the Visible Thinking approach (Harvard Project Zero)
  • Coding and programming included in the curriculum
  • Nonviolent Communication (NVC) as a foundation of school culture
  • Social and emotional learning (SEL) woven into everyday school activities
  • Mindfulness and self-regulation skills practiced during the school day (Conscious Discipline – methodology of Dr. Becky Bailey)
  • Music and art activities in English and Polish
  • Additional sports classes (e.g., taekwondo, joga, gymnastics)

Our Values

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

We want the next generations to build a world based on cooperation and empathy, not violence and coercion. The way we communicate on a daily basis shapes our worldview and self-image. That’s why at Compass we pay so much attention to empathetic communication (NVC) and building relationships based on respect and understanding of our own and others’ needs and boundaries.

The Image of the Child

We see each child as a thinking, creative person, full of wonderful ideas and the desire to implement them. When planning project work, we are inspired by the living curriculum of Reggio Emilia and create an environment in which each child has the opportunity to follow their interests, draw on internal motivation, think actively and co-create the learning process.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are all different, and that makes our world beautiful! Therefore, every day we learn to appreciate, listen, accept, and support what unites us and what makes us different. At Compass, we strive to create a community where everyone feels safe and welcome.

Civic Engagement

From an early age, our students develop their citizenship competence by engaging in projects around the city. Such ‘learning expeditions’ allow our students to practice their leadership skills and grow self-confidence as well as learn how to be responsible citizens, how to care for their city, and what impact on their surroundings they can make even today.